The Gambia 2023

After a few years without organizing the annual solidarity trip due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we could finally fly again, this time to The Gambia. From March 31 to April 7, 2023, we had the opportunity to know this wonderful country located on the west coast of Africa and completely surrounded by Senegalese territory. A trip that we will never forget.

The match

This year’s rival was the powerful Real de Banjul FC, a Gambian first division club, with several league titles under its belt. The final result, after a great effort by all members of the team, ended up being a resounding 7-0 in favor of the locals. Despite the defeat, we enjoyed a great football match and a great welcome at the stadium.

The solidarity aspect

This year’s solidarity collaboration (10,660 €) was aimed at supporting the Kalilu Jammeh Foundation, an entity based in Sant Pere de Ribes and whose mission is to contribute to eradicating extreme poverty by promoting and favoring educational, social and economic development in Jirong Municipality, Baddibu Rural Area, North Bank, The Gambia. It is a foundation created by Kalilu Jammeh himself, who migrated from his country of origin to Europe with the aim of training and returning to Gambia to help his community. Its objective is to ensure that the youth of the area have job opportunities and do not have to emigrate. They are focused on education and agricultural projects.


The specific project with which we collaborate consists of the installation of the drinking water supply network in the municipality of Jirong, currently with a population of 55 inhabitants, a daycare center and a small orphanage with 12 boys and girls, allowing its entire population , including the nursery and orphanage, obtain the necessary water to meet their needs. To guarantee the use of drinking water for oral use throughout the community, the installation of a water distribution network from the existing well is proposed, installing the water distribution network system throughout the municipality, providing a tap to each home.


Additionally, we also provided more than 380 kg of school and sports supplies.

Social and cultural awareness

The axis of this solidarity trip was accompanied by the story “Water in the Gambia”, an initiative that talks about the project to supply drinking water for the population of Jirong, the place where it comes from in Kalilu Jammeh and the area of ​​action of the Foundation that carries its name. Like every year, the solidarity story has been used to carry out the different awareness-raising and development education activities that we organize, talks, conferences, solidarity events, etc. It has also served as a tool for raising funds that were destined for the entity’s solidarity project.

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