Cookies Policy

What are cookies?


A cookie is a type of file or device that is downloaded on the user’s terminal equipment in order to store data which can be updated and recovered by the responsible body of its installation. In other words, it is a file that is downloaded onto the computer when opening stated websites.
Cookies enable websites, among others, to store and recover information on user or computer surfing habits, and, depending on the information they hold and the way the computer is used, they can be used to recognise the user.


What type of cookies are used on this website?


This Website uses cookies that enable the user to use and navigate on the website, guarantees access to specific services, as well as improving the website’s functional set-up.

This website specifically uses the following cookies:

Analysis cookies: These cookies are used to analyse users’ behaviour and actions on the website; they also produce navigation profiles, to carry out better technical and service specifications.  The application we use to run these cookies is property of Google Analytics (



How can cookie settings be managed?


This section includes a brief explanation on how to check and enable cookies on the most common or most used search engines by users.
In this respect, practically all navigators allow the user to gather general information on the cookies installed on the website, to specifically verify their existence, their lifespan or their disposal system. In this respect, for purposes of information, a range of related links is provided below:
– Google Chrome:
– Internet Explorer:*ie=*ie-11
– Mozilla Firefox:
– Opera:


Furthermore, the user will be able to enable, block or clear the cookies installed on the computer by changing the search engine’s configuration according to the instructions provided. For purposes of information, it is stated that cookie settings are usually found in ‘Preferences’ or ‘Tools’ on each search engine, either way, help can always be found on the search engine to solve or settle any doubts raised.


It is important to know that, if cookie installation is stopped, the website’s content such as specific features and services provided by the same may be affected.


For more information get in touch with us via e-mail:

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