The Associació Esportiva Ramassà has been an NGO since June 2020 and intends to make the most of this transition to use sport as a tool of social transformation to help them in different projects.


You can now donate via BIZUM! Thanks to this new way of mobile payment, it is now much easier to play your part.
The NGO’s mobile phone receives all payments in real time.

I want to help, what do I do?

It’s simple!

FOn your banking app, where Bizum is activated, click the ‘Donate’ option.

Type in the NGO’s 5 digits

Enter in the amount you want to donate.

The payee will receive the amount in less than 5 seconds.

Join the Team!

I would like a donation certificate; how do I get one?

If you want to apply for a donation certificate, complete this form.


    National Identity Card Number*

    Post Code



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    You can also transfer (VISA, MASTERCARD…) via a secure payment platform.


     BBVA: ES6701828679710200665052


    If you have a PayPal account, we also offer the option to donate via this secure payment platform.


    If not, you can easily sign up.

    Please follow these steps!

    Go to the PayPal website or app..

    Click the option: sign up.

    Choose the type of account you want to create.

    Fill in the form.

    Link a payment method (card)

    Confirm your email address.

    Link your bank account.

    Verify your account.

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