Gambia 2020

In 2020, linked to the sixth solidarity trip of the A.E. Ramassà to the African continent to the Gambia, we presented our collaboration with the project “Assistance to maternal and child malnutrition in the Republic of the Gambia” of the Catalan NGO Nutrition Without Borders (NSF). NSF is an NGO that works to ensure food as a universal right with the goal of eradicating malnutrition through action and ethical engagement with disadvantaged people.

The Story

The aim of this project was to raise funds to cover the cost of treatments for maternal and child malnutrition carried out in the Centers for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CREN) of NSF in the city of Soma. Linked to the trip, we also published the club’s fourth solidarity story, “Adama”, written by the Catalan journalist Carla Galisteo, with illustrations by Alícia Giménez, and with a prologue written by the journalist specializing in Africa, Xavier Aldekoa. The story shows the day-to-day life of Adama, one of NSF’s CREN workers in Soma, and helps raise awareness about the role of women in Gambian society.

Postponement of the trip

Unfortunately, weeks before our departure to the Gambia, when we had everything ready and prepared, a state of alarm was declared in our country due to the global pandemic for Covid-19. This forced us to suspend the trip and postpone it, when possible, and readjust it to the new circumstances taking into account the experience and work done during 2020. Here is the information leaflet we prepared to publicize the trip and the 2020 collaboration:

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