Kenya 2024

On April 22, 2024, our eighth solidarity trip began, this time to Kenya. After an intense day with many hours of flying, we finally arrived in Nairobi, where once outside the airport, with all the suitcases and solidarity material, we were greeted by a delegation from the AFC Leopards, the club against which we would play the friendly match, in the best way possible, with music and dance.


With only a few hours to recover from the tiredness of the trip, the group’s enthusiasm and the setting that awaited us to carry out the training, the Nyayo National Stadium, made everyone very excited.


A wonderful welcome from the local club and its representatives, led by its president, gave way to the exchange of gifts. At the end, training session on a warm afternoon with final rain. Laughter, photographs and a very good vibe to face the big game the next day.

The match

The team arrived with the spirit and emotion typical of a match of this level. The AFC Leopards is the national team, the president’s, the one with the most fans in the country. The setting was unbeatable, a Nyayo National Stadium with about 14,000 people on the field, a music band, entertainment and the presence of the country’s highest authorities, including the president of Kenya, Mr. Ruto.


Good temperature and emotions on the surface, both on the field and in the stands. The match began with a script typical of what one desires, Rubén’s 0-1, in a stratospheric play, not only made the legend of the player with 3 goals on the continent grow, it also gave a completely unexpected advantage. Even so, the Leopards accelerated and before the break they were 2-1 on the scoreboard.


In the second half, a bad start meant that the result opened a very complicated hole, 4-1, still with many minutes left and accumulated fatigue. But a goal from a drive by Domin with an assist to a local player who had been given to us for the match, and the great goal from Tijan, who had just joined, adjusted everything towards an incredible ending.


Despite the last few chances, the 4-3 was final and the final party among the public, rivals and us celebrating the effort was the final fireworks.

The solidarity aspect

Simply put, if we had to choose a single word it would be unforgettable.


The expedition entered the settlement of Kibera, currently one of the largest in Africa. The web of streets and labyrinthine paths are strung together within a chaotic core where before everything was forest.


A contrast of realities, waste are delimited by the train line that leads to a magnificent golf course, a striking image. Day visit to the different Kubuka projects, to the plastic and concrete block recycling plant, and also to the school. It is an entity whose mission is to create sustainable development by focusing on education and awareness on climate action issues and social entrepreneurship as an engine of change, supporting projects that are born and last thanks to the effort and empowerment of the beneficiary community. neighborhood.


During the visit to the center, the boys and girls and the Ramassà shared exciting moments and a musical performance as a thank you.


We were also able to learn about the projects of KiCA, a local entity that has a creative space for video, dance, music and art, with its own brand #madeinkibera.


After a local meal, we headed to play a game with the winners of a neighborhood tournament, a game where the field, the expectation and the boys and girls turned it into a new party, with an ending full of songs and hugs.


To close the day there was a visit to the residence of the Spanish ambassador, where the official reception was shared with the 40 people in our group, the members of Kubuka, representatives of the Franqueses del Vallès City Council and, of course, Rift Valley Expeditions.


We took advantage of the event to deliver the 900kg to Kubuka. of solidarity material and the check with the final contribution of €3,700.


Social and cultural awareness

Like every year, we had the opportunity to better understand the reality of the country, its communities and traditions.


The route to the Loita plains offered us fantastic images of zebras, monkeys and some very beautiful panoramas. By noon we reached Loita Plains and settled in Majimoto. The Maasai were waiting for us. Their hospitality, history, customs and knowing all the details they wanted to share made them quickly gain the appreciation of the group, sharing incredible moments that we will never forget.


We enjoyed the last days of our stay in Kenya between Lake Nakuru Natural Park and Lake Naivasha. An authentic visual experience due to its landscapes and rich biodiversity that makes you keep all your senses on alert to capture the natural beauty that we had before our eyes.


On March 30, we returned home full of emotions and grateful for having been able to share so many unforgettable moments in Kenya.

Solidarity story

This year we presented the solidarity story “Kyalo discovers the Maasai tribe”, made by the same NGO Kubuka. The story brings closer the reality of the African continent and helps to get to know the Maasai people better.


All funds raised from this initiative were used to finance the awareness and education project on waste management and recycling that the NGO carries out within the Kibera settlement.

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