Cameroon 2017

We’ve only gone and done it again! For the fourth consecutive year, we went back to this African country to find new solidarity and sports adventures. We chose Cameroon in 2017. We call it “Miniature Africa” due to its geological and cultural diversity: it has beaches, deserts, mountains, jungles and savannas.


On a sporting level, it has a long-term football tradition, being the only African country to have played the most times in the World Cup. It has globally known footballers such as Samuel Eto’o, Roger Milla and the legendary Thomas N’kono, the current goalkeeper coach of RCD Espanyol.

The match

On the 9th April 2017, an expedition of 30 people travelled to the African country, where the mainstream media of the capital Yaoundé awaited our arrival. After a busy press conference with the main local television, it was time to train and get used to the humid climate.



The 11th was the long-awaited day. The day we would play against the Dragons of Yaoundé, second on the Cameroon league table. Up until the 60th minute, the score was 1-1 (goal by Kevin Caballero) but in the end, the African team came out stronger and scored many goals. The final score was 5-1, but as always, the score is not important. It was the incredible experience that counted.

The solidarity aspect

On this trip we managed to break records. Thanks to the solidarity of all members, friends and companies of Vallès Oriental, we raised nearly 10.000 euros for the incredible project that the Catalan NGO Insolàfrica is currently carrying out in the town of Kribi: the construction of a library at the School of Medicine.


It is important to remember that we also brought 700 kilos of school and sports supplies, which was distributed among the children of Kribi and the subsidiary of the Dragons of Yaoundé.

It is without a doubt that one of the key moments of the trip was laying the first brick of the library, which will be named after our club. The NGO children welcomed us with traditional regional songs and dances. They were very happy to see us and played with us. It was a moment that made us all very emotional



Another special moment, apart from giving them solidarity and sports supplies, was giving our solidarity book ‘El Somni d’en Jan’ to the children of the NGO Insolafrica, who were delighted to receive it and were able to colour in the black and white illustrations. A book that, apart from other initiatives, will be used to collect funds to construct the library in Kribi.



Every single one of these adventures has been magical. It has transformed us as people and as a club.

The results

We received good news from Cameroon. 6 months after our visit to the country, we were sent photos so we could see how the material we gave them in April had been put to good use.


To our friends in the neighbourhood of Etetack (located in the upper part of Yaoundé), we gave them football shirts, balls and sports supplies, which they have used to form football teams to bring children and youngsters together. The team Ramassà Espoir d’Etetack is already up and running and has participated in summer tournaments. It is currently in the process of becoming a member of the Youth Football League of Cameroon.

Social and cultural awareness

On the more professional side of things, the help of A.E Ramassà lets them supervise and train youngsters in domains such as IT, mechanics, upbringing etc.


Our partnership has also contributed to social awareness; awareness sessions and educational talks for the younger generation have been put together.


In the cultural domain, they have started up a theatre and dance company; the ‘Compagnie Ramassà’ where they teach children traditional African dancing, as well as contemporary dance. The children also learn music (percussion, to be specific) and theatre.


Down below you will find photos from group rehearsals::

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